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 about sun SPARCstation IPX

"Superscalar Architecture", it's one of the best implementation of RISC idea. The SPARC is an open project, so it exist non-Sun clone of this system

 short technical data

 SparcStation 1

architecture: sun4c 50 (in pizzabox)

 SparcStation 2

architecture: sun4c 50 (in pizzabox)

 SparcStation IPX

contemporary of Sparcstation 2, but it is in a lunch-box and generally have a better video card

architecture: sun4c 50 (in lunchbox)
OS: sunos 5.x, solaris 2.x - 7 (without X) [i use debian 3.0r1 and it works fine, BSD possible]
memory: ram 64M Simm with synchronous parity on 4 slots (warning: ram disposition is complicated!) + 64 MB expansable over sbus (for a max total of 128MB)
cpu: sparc@50MHz, Weitek 3172, Sun-4c MMU
fpu: chip build-in
bus: SBus @ 25MHz (2 slots for cards; network, audio, etc are integrated sbus-connected), SCSI
i/o: A B serials, scsi, 3.5' floppy, audio (sun round connector)
network: AUI, I've added a sun network card (BNC and AUI) on sbus
hardisk: 170MB SCSI; I've somehow put in a digital 100MB
video: GX CG6 Color Frame Buffer, 1152x900 @ 66Hz/61.8KHz 13W3
sound chip: AMD 7930 8bit mono

 SparcStation 5

architecture: sun4c 50 (in Aurora case)



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