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the first name was 'ALTO ALOHA'; it was invented by Bob Metcalfe in 1972 at PARC. ethernet use CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection) protocol. ethernet was stardized by IEEE in documents:
802.1 - Internetworking
802.2 - The new message format for data on any LAN (LLC)
802.3 - Hardware standards for Ethernet cards and cables CSMA/CD
802.4 - Token Bus LAN
802.5 - Hardware standards for Token Ring LAN
802.6 - MAN (Metropolitan Area network)
802.7 - Broadband Technical Advisory Group
802.8 - Fiber-Optical Technical Advisory Group
802.9 - Integrated Voice / Data Networks
802.10 - Network Security
802.11 - Wireless Networks
802.12 - Demand Priority Access LAN, 100 Base VG

protocol name speed cable, connection
10Base5 coaxial, Thicknet 10Mbit/sec coaxial 10mm cable, cable -> vampire connector -> MAU -> AUI -> DB-15 connector -> NIC
10Base2 coaxial (Thinnet) 10 Mbit/sec coaxial cable, BNC (RJ-58)
10BaseT ethernet 10 Mbit/sec UTP cable categ 3 or upper, RJ-45
10BaseFL fiber optic 10Mbit/sec double fiber optic (Tx & Rx for max 2000 meter),
100BaseTX fast ethernet 100 Mbit/sec UTP cable categ 5 or upper, RJ-45
100BaseFX fiber-cabled ethernet 100Mbit/sec fiber optic multi-mode,
1000BaseT gigabit ethernet 1000Mbit/sec UTP cable categ 5E, RJ-45

- 'Thin Wire', 50Ohm Coaxial Cable RJ-58 U/A (BNC connectors) (10Base2)

max 185 m @ 10Mbps, with max 30 hosts at min 0,5 m each others. bus and star topology. it needs T connectors with at extremes 'terminators'.

- Unshielded Twisted Pairs RJ-45 (10BaseT, 100BaseT, 1000BaseT)
max 100 m @ 10Mbps, signal has 20 MHz
numeration scheme:

color scheme
white orange
white green
white blue
white brown

main old stardard and protocols are:

- Novell networks
- Xerox DIX system
aui to aui cable



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