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DEC server

 about digital DEC server 700 & 200MC

They are sort of routers providing decnet or serial and ethernet connections. Their original purpose was to connect a VAX/PDP to terminals (and printers). It is able to connect a LAN to up to 8 modems or terminals or PCs or printer or... to use the serials as DECnet connections you'll need MJ8 (or MMJ) to 25pin transceiver (the 6 signals are the same in RS232 and in MJ8)

 short technical data

 DEC Server 700 - DSRVW-YA

OS: a router-like system
memory: 2 30 pin simm, max 8 MB
cpu: motorola 68020
network: AUI or RJ-45, eight RS-232 DB25 (V.24/V.28)
eeprom: about 1MB eeprom, you'll need to boot from network with bootp and tftp. Newer models have a 2MB flash memory slot (so it don't need to search its address and program onto the net
date: 1989
kit available to put it into racks

 DEC Server 200/MC

nothing about it, but it's like a DS 700... It is an old big ugly decserver with 8 RS-232 too, it have a AUI to connect to ethernet and no lightcode



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