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Compaq ProSignia

 about Compaq ProSignia 500

Compaq prosignia was used mainly as a file server. The system is composed by a board providing scsi, video, network, isa and pci; the cpu and memory are located on the processor board, joined with mobo using a bus (lenght of an eisa). Generally it was sold with a controller raid or similar with the disks on it. Boards have pictures on the PCB (the mobo Alaska (?), the cpu board a car). Prosignia was the precursor of Proliant servers.

 short technical data

OS: mine had Novell DOS 7 with NetWare 4.1; other available OSes were: SCO OpenServer 5, SCO UnixWare 2.1, Windows NT 3.51, IBM OS/2, Banyan VINES 6.0, DOS 6.2/Windows 3.1.
memory: 96MB, max 384MB on 6 slots (72-pin simm)
cpu: Intel Pentium 150Mhz
fpu: with CPU
memory and cpu are located on a board (similar to an old EISA card) slotted in the motherboard
bus: scsi on board (Symbios controller); present an Array SMART 2SL, having SCSI 1/2 50pin, Fast Wide SCSI 68pin
i/o: scsi, parallel, serial, 3.5' floppy, Sanyo CDROM (4x ?)
network: an AMD 10BaseT built-in, a 100BaseT on PCI
hardisk: four 2.1GB SCSI 2 barracuda in RAID 5 (6.1 GB logical); I've added a 400MB DEC scsi 1 chained with cdrom.
video: vga built-in
number & condition: 1 good although VERY dirty
date: 1996



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