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Sony NeWS

 about SONY NeWS 1580

NEWS originally means "Network Engeneering Workstation System", it was a part of a CAD system; but for business demand it was changed in 1985 in "NetWorkStation" because it was also powerful as a workstation in distrubed graphic systems

 short technical data

OS: vendor give NEWS-OS 3.9, in 1993 updated at NEWS-OS 4.1C (NEWS-OS is a BSD 4.3 based, similar to netbsd); it has xdm and X11, with a lot of copyrighted graphic tools, all beginning with "sx" (Sony X ?) (sxedit, sxpaint, sxmail, etc...)
memory: 4Mb fixed + max 16Mb on 12 slots (30-pin simm)
cpu: RISC motorola 68030 25Mhz
fpu: motorola 68882 25MHz
bus: scsi
i/o: scsi, parallel, 2 serials (+ 4 serials card optional), 3.5' floppy
network: AUI
hardisk: 170MB SCSI; I've somehow put in a digital 100MB
video: vga 1024x768 4bpp @ 59Hz (48.7kHz vert)
number & condition: 1 very good, a lot of simms, but no cover and floppy broken, 1 rusty-devasted, kept only floppy and cover...
date: 1989




Starting nmap V. 3.00 ( )
Host ( appears to be up ... good.
Initiating SYN Stealth Scan against (
Adding open port 711/tcp
Adding open port 1720/tcp
Adding open port 111/tcp
Adding open port 699/tcp
Adding open port 704/tcp
Adding open port 6000/tcp
Adding open port 21/tcp
Adding open port 23/tcp
Adding open port 696/tcp
Adding open port 514/tcp
Adding open port 25/tcp
Adding open port 515/tcp
Adding open port 714/tcp
The SYN Stealth Scan took 844 seconds to scan 31337 ports.
Initiating UDP Scan against (
The UDP Scan took 511 seconds to scan 31337 ports.
Adding open port 2049/udp
Adding open port 111/udp
Adding open port 701/udp
Adding open port 3073/udp
Adding open port 709/udp
Adding open port 706/udp
Adding open port 177/udp
Adding open port 514/udp
Adding open port 3072/udp
Adding open port 694/udp
Adding open port 716/udp
For OSScan assuming that port 21 is open and port 1 is closed and neither are firewalled
For OSScan assuming that port 21 is open and port 1 is closed and neither are firewalled
For OSScan assuming that port 21 is open and port 1 is closed and neither are firewalled
Interesting ports on (
(The 62650 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
Port State Service
21/tcp open ftp
23/tcp open telnet
25/tcp open smtp
111/tcp open sunrpc
111/udp open sunrpc
177/udp open xdmcp
514/tcp open shell
514/udp open syslog
515/tcp open printer
694/udp open unknown
696/tcp open unknown
699/tcp open unknown
701/udp open unknown
704/tcp open elcsd
706/udp open unknown
709/udp open entrustmanager
711/tcp open unknown
714/tcp open unknown
716/udp open unknown
1720/tcp open H.323/Q.931
2049/udp open nfs
3072/udp open unknown
3073/udp open unknown
6000/tcp open X11
No exact OS matches for host (If you know what OS is running on it, see
TCP/IP fingerprint:

TCP Sequence Prediction: Class=64K rule
Difficulty=1 (Trivial joke)
TCP ISN Seq. Numbers: 64D28C01 64D48001 64D57A01 64D67401 64D76E01 64D86801
IPID Sequence Generation: Incremental

Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 1383 seconds

 list of files hosted

  1250.gif  1750.gif
  NetBSD-news68k_releases.htm  backplane.jpg
  coms.jpg  cpu.jpg
  disks.jpg  graphics.jpg
  hardware_spec.htm  mainboard.jpg
  newsos_bkp.260303.tar.gz  nmap_vlsilab34
  0readme  Mosaic-2.6-l10n+.install
  Mosaic-2.6-l10n+.patch.tar.gz  Mosaic-2.6-l10n+.patch2.gz
  Mosaic-src-2.6.tar.Z  Mosaic.gz
  kiosk.patch  mimehead1.2.4.tar.gz
  readJPEG.c.patch  record.gz
  bison-1.24.install  bison-1.24.tar.gz
  CHANGES.txt  dnetc
  dnetc-netbsd-68k.tar.gz  dnetc.1
  dnetc.txt  readme.1st
  CHANGES.txt  dnetc.txt
  readme.1st  readme._ix
  Installing GCC Old documentation - GNU Project - Free Softwa.htm  gcc-
  gcc-2.7.2.install  gcc-2.7.2.tar.gz
  gzip-1.2.4.install  gzip-1.2.4.tar.Z
  bits.c  configure  copying
  crypt.c  crypt.h
  deflate.c  getopt.c
  getopt.h  gpl.texinfo
  gzip.1  gzip.c
  gzip.texi  inflate.c
  index.htm  lynx2-7-2-001.install
  mpeg2play_v1.1.install  mpeg2play_v1.1.tar.gz
  tar-1.11.2.NEWS.diff.gz  tar-1.11.2.diff
  tar-1.11.2.install  tar-1.11.2.shar.gz
  xanim2701.install  xanim2701.tar.gz
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